Thursday, July 23, 2015

Defense x millions!

UPDATE 27.07.15: Final count of people who defended nature? A mahossive 520,325! Fellow Europeans, we are pretty awesome and a great big thank you from me! 

The EU Commissions consultation on the EU Birds and Nature Directives (European laws protecting nature) closes this Friday July 25th 2015 and we're so very near to half a million (that's right MILLION) people responding. This consultation has already broken the record for the most responses to a public consultation, so if you haven't sign already or haven't told your friends and family, let's get that Friday feeling early and defend nature!

Click here to sign petition and find out more! 

For more detailed information about what this consultation is about, you can read about it in my previous blog post using this link here.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Climate Change and Health

If you'd like more information and would like to read the report, please click here

This response from the medical professionals was also present at the recent Speak Up Climate Rally last week, where I snapped this photos of medics from Plymouth University.

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Friday, May 29, 2015

Re-posting: Make Resources Count

The European Environmental Bureau (EEB) is launching its new campaign Make Resources Count.  By everyone sharing images of all the stuff they are fixing the EEB can send a message to the EU that repair activities are important, deserve more support and the EU can help make products more repairable.

To take part all you need to do is ...
Take a picture of something you have repaired over the past year
Upload it to Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #fixitselfie by 8 June 15
The Make Resources Count campaign will collect all the photos uploaded in this Storify story. The Storify will be sent to European decision-makers at the end of European Sustainable Development Week. A randomly selected photo from among those uploaded using the #fixitselfie hashtag will win a great prize, a full IFIXIT Pro Tech toolkit.
To find out about the campaign and how you can get more involved:
Visit the website, by clicking here
Follow on social media, either on Facebook or Twitter
To find out more about the EEB click here

UPDATE: Wednesday June 10th 2015

I know I'm two days late from the deadline, but really wanted to share my #fixitselfie as am feeling incredibly smug about it. One of my favourite and oldest t-shirts had the elbows worn through. No fear! Navy corduroy elbow patches and pink stitching to the rescue! It's like having a whole new t-shirt. More repair, less waste!