Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Re-posting: Write to Scotland's Party Leaders

Tell party leaders to turn climate ambition into climate action

After last year’s climate agreement in Paris, what matters now, across the world, is what actually happens as a result of politicians’ climate promises.Scotland has some of the most ambitious climate laws in the world. But with people from the Hebrides to Haiti and species from red squirrels to rhinos already feeling the impacts of climate change, this ambition must be turned into action. 
By writing to Scotland’s political parties we can show just how much support there is for urgent climate action from the next Scottish Government.
To find out more and to take action use this link.
Tweet about it using the #AmbitionIntoAction hashtag 

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Re-posting: Fossil Free Scotland

The deal signed at the climate conference will not be enough to protect the most vulnerable people and wildlife from disastrous climate change. There is no more time to waste: with groups across Europe we are working to win the fights that must be won to avoid the worst impacts of climate change.

The Fossil Free Scotland Campaign is Friends of the Earth Scotland's response to the failure of the Paris climate talks, and our aim is to help bring about a 100% renewable, no nuclear, super-efficient, zero-fossil-fuel Scotland. It is the biggest and most ambitious campaign that Friends of the Earth Scotland (FOES) have ever run.
We’ll be bringing together our work on fracking and the other unconventional fossil fuels with our efforts to get more local clean energy generated and our fight to free up £1.7bn of public sector pension money to do good here at home instead of funding the destructive overseas activities of the likes of Shell and BP.  
We’ll be continuing to press the Government to actually deliver on Scotland’s strong climate targets, to transform transport and deliver on energy efficiency. And we’ll be beginning the badly-needed conversation with Government, industry and the unions about a just transition out of oil and gas jobs and into clean energy jobs.

In Scotland, our new Fossil Free Scotland campaign aims to end the use of fossil fuels in Scotland within a generation. Our vision is of a just transition to a 100% renewable, no nuclear, super-efficient, zero-fossil-fuel Scotland.

The Fossil Free Scotland campaign will be:

• fighting dirty energy – FoES have helped stop fracking and unconventional fossil fuels for now so but will now be working to turn the two moratoria into permanent bans, as well as beginning the discussion about a transition from oil jobs in the North Sea to clean energy jobs.

• promoting clean energy – FoES have helped communities create their own renewable energy and will be pressing politicians to guarantee support for local green energy into the future

• moving the money – FoES will be working to get £1.7bn of public pension money out of fossil fuels and into community renewables, social housing and local sustainable transport schemes

What can you do?
You can help by asking Nicola Sturgeon to act on Scotland’s strong words on climate change and deliver a fossil free Scotland.
You can find out more at the campaign website: www.fossilfree.scot 
Help promote the campaign and the e-action through Twitter (#FFScot) and Facebook and to your networks.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Re-posting: Act for the Act

Why the Human Rights Act matters

The Human Rights Act is a powerful tool. It brings home fundamental, universal rights we all have as human beings, and allows us to challenge authorities if they violate them.

If you’re lucky you won’t ever need to use it in a court. But it’s protecting you all the same.

It’s an invisible safety net for all of us, working silently to ensure our rights are respected, and a crucial shield and sword for the most vulnerable: from women fleeing domestic violence to older people in care homes and the disabled seeking proper support.

Right now this vital protection is at risk.

Attacked by some politicians, misreported by the press and misunderstood by many – it’s time to spread the message that human rights matter.

Our hard-won rights

Over the centuries, ordinary British people have fought and died for the rights we enjoy today.

From helping victims of domestic abuse, to protecting confidential communications between lawyers and their clients – the Human Rights Act helps us to fight injustice and incompetence in the UK and hold those in power to account.

It’s been used by hospital patients facing homelessness after discharge, rape survivors whose experiences haven’t been properly investigated by the police, and disabled people whose right to dignity has been violated.

We must not let politicians take away these universal rights at the stroke of a pen. As always, it’s the most vulnerable who’ll pay the heaviest price.
Read more and take action with Amnesty International.  

Read more and take action with Act for the Act.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Thank You Scotland!

Over 5,000 people braved the cold wet November day to speak up about 
climate, justice and jobs!
Absolutely amazing!
Read the BBC article here

See what happened around the world and the reason why we all marched!