Monday, November 22, 2010

A Gentle Reminder

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend?

I recently treated myself to a very simple but elegant ring from Scape on Etsy.  I have to admit that since recently discovering Etsy it has become my new favorite thing and I would like to think that it is more ethical to shop there where you directly support amazingly creative handicraft artists rather than huge multi-national mass-producing companies.  Don't know how ecological the mailing of items actually turns out to be, but perhaps something to look into...'Is snail mail eco-friendly?' ( this space!).

The other reason I bought this particular ring apart from it's beauty is because I felt that it would  be a constant and gentle reminder for me to love and have compassion; for the earth, the animals, my fellow human beings, but also myself.

To draw from some excellent sources on the subject:  

Rosemary Randall who wrote the accompanying manual for the Carbon Conversations (next workshop is tonight by the way - really looking forward to it!) says this:
Its usually unhelpful to point out that some one's actions don't match their attitudes or beliefs. They are more likely to change their attitude than their behavior! Be kind to yourself and others, and work patiently to resolve the conflicts you find yourself in.
In a similar vein to quote my Tai C'hi master, Howard Gibbon:
Don't look out and complain about what you see. Look inward and work on yourself. After all, the only person you can control without using force is yourself.
One of the principal messages of Tai C'hi is not using more energy than need be and in our current society it is amazing the amount of energy wasted on anger, frustration, hatred when all this energy could be channeled into more productive, positive and proactive activities and thoughts. As I've mentioned before I believe in leading by example and the only person I have complete control over is myself. I hope this ring will help remind me not  to be so hard on myself, because we are our own worst critic and what constructive help does that offer in the end?

And finally old favorite of mine, No Impact Man, coincidentally had a similar theme about compassion running through his blog this weekend; 'bonding over caring' despite political, religious or any other beliefs. To read the full blog entry CLICK HERE

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