Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Green Technologies

I'm always excited by new technologies being used in the pursuit of environmentalism. I personally find it self-defeating to debate the merits of which technologies actual waste, rather than save more energy and like all technology when used with sincerity, creativity and innovation, it usually leads to amazing, good and beneficial outcomes.  Slight tangent: if this is an area of interest, my friend wrote an excellent article about fine art, environmentalism and technology: CLICK HERE to read.

But back to my excitement at coming across these beauties:

Seafood Watch is an iPhone application which updates you on which fish to eat and which to avoid, allowing you to make sustainable and responsible choices even in restaurants. For those of us who don't have iPhone or other such, they also have an online web version, although it is limited to the United States. This is run by Monterey Bay Aquarium and another cool feature they have is a Sushi Pocket Guide. For a British equivalent there is the Marine Conservation Society with their own Fish Eating and Clean Beaches guides. 

Continuing on the subject of fish the Fish Subsidy have generated an interactive Vessel Subsidy Map which allows you to see where money was spent scraping and modernizing vessels as part of the EU's Financial Instrument for Fisheries Guidance (FIFG). 

The WWF have quite a few 'green tools' to help us all be more eco-friendly. Their Footprint Calculator measures your carbon footprint and takes less than five minutes to complete. Alternatively you can search and compare the ecological footprints of different countries with their Footprint Interactive Graph. They would also you to get interactive by suggest any green tools you would like to see. For more information CLICK HERE

For travel routeRANK allows you to find the greenest route to travel from A to B.  My Climate is a non-profit foundation that has a feature that allows you calculate and offset your carbon footprint. It isn't just limited to travel, it also includes home, events and donations!  I'm really excited about this one as I always feel terribly guilty getting on planes, will let you know how I get on.

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