Thursday, November 04, 2010

Is it Friday yet?

This weekend will be quite exciting for me (and hopefully you!).

As well as the Big Climate Connection, I’ll be photographing myself ‘with’ Edinburgh’s Arthur Seat to show my support for the International Year of Biodiversity (IYB), which is (you guessed it) this year! To show you care couldn’t be easier; you simply print out the IYB logo, select a biodiversity related landmark near you, take the picture and send it to them. Simples! For more information CLICK HERE

The other thing I am doing this weekend is going to check out a garden that is part of the Edinburgh Garden Share (EGS) scheme.  The EGS matches people who are keen to have a garden and/or veggie patch but sadly have none with people who have gardens and are keen to share them for whatever reason.  The majority of the people who do have gardens to share are either disabled or elderly and therefore have difficulty up-keeping their gardens, so the EGS is a perfect out-reach programme as well as promoting community living and growing you own.  It’s so perfectly wonderful it can’t help but warm your heart. So I’ve been allocated a wee patch in a communal garden and am going to have look and see what needs doing. I’ve been forewarned its overgrown and needs some work, but I think some good old fashion dirty work won’t do me harm.

So in conclusion watch this space for pictures of yours truly!

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