Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Re-Posting: Earth Day Network

To all Americans the world over: 
The November 2nd mid-term election will set the tone for the next two years of environmental policy during a time when our planet hangs in the balance.  Will America’s choice lead to sane environmental policies?  Or, will we tolerate attacks on climate science and allow big polluters to sabotage our clean energy future?

The dirty energy lobby has been busy throughout this election season.  Across the United States we face candidates and ballot measures intent on reversing 40 years of environmental progress.  There is only one way to avoid this outcome.  Our movement needs a win at the ballot box and we can’t achieve it without your support.  
How can we make a difference?  By getting active and spreading our enthusiasm to friends, family and neighbors. Use your vote: pledge to vote green and inspire your friends to do the same.  

Our elected leaders make key decisions that determine the health of our environment, from renewable energy funding to wilderness protection. Be certain you are voting on behalf of the Earth.  Ensure that your candidates want a green economy and responsible business practices.  Green your vote!

Regardless of what happens on Tuesday, we promise to continue fighting climate change and promoting a new green economy - every single day.

We hope to see you at the polls!

Kathleen Rogers
President, Earth Day Network

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