Sunday, November 28, 2010

SNOW in the hundreds!

Apologies for no new entries this weekend, it snowed in Edinburgh and I spent ridiculous amounts of time building snowmen and running around in the snow laughing. Forget the house-work or those 'all-important' errands, the snow is here now and that's all that counts! I'll try and get a picture up soonish.

[Granted the thought of climate change is never far away as the weather is clearly out of balance - it is rare for it to snow in November in the UK... apparently the first significant snowfall this month since 1993.]

Also I've passed my 100 page views! Currently at 107! Exciting stuff, thank you to all you lovely mysterious people out there! I plan to keep the momentum up and beyond!

Enjoy your Sundays, keep warm and don't think of Monday!

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