Monday, November 29, 2010


I woke up this morning and to my delight the snow is still here!
Here is a list of why I love snow:

1) It makes everything look beautiful, bright and lighter. Winter in the UK is a dark affair, with a lot of gray, brown and black; the whiteness of the snow only dis-spells these dark colors and lightens everything up from the buildings to the day itself.

2) I am lucky enough to live by a beautiful park and one of my absolute favorite sights in a winter wonderland is snowy trees. 

3) Snow makes everything quieter, but not in a creepy way! The cars are less (or none) and can't drive as fast anyway, there are less people out, the city falls silent. Only the satisfying sound of your feet crunching through the snow...

4) Snow makes everything move slower. Cars can't drive as fast, people can't walk as fast, everything slows down, which is a good reminder that it is what we should be doing anyway... take time to look around you, you don't need to be in a rush. 

5) I feel like a kid again in the snow and can't stop smiling.

6) The sense of community and camaraderie than snows brings out in people.
Last year when I was flying (I know, I know!) to spend Christmas with my family, my flight and all flights were grounded in Charles de Gaule Airport, Paris due to snow storms...and all of a sudden everyone was a friend. People helping each other through the language barriers, giving advice, support and even friendship as many of us (including me) spent the night in the airport and it was nice to have someone to talk to. 

This year I made a mammoth snowman with my friend and by the end of it passersby had also become part of the project. A local cafe asked if we could build it in front of their shop and they would give us hot chocolate, an apron and balloons to decorate it. Some students who lived near-by ran back to their apartment to give us gold spray-painted sticks they had for the arms, children were helping us pile on the snow and clean him up.  It was a lovely atmosphere and I wish it could be more like this everyday not just when it snows. 

As promised here is a picture (in my new eco-friendly coat as well!)

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