Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What a wonderful world

Following on from the previous post's oceanic theme, it is good to remember how amazing our planet and all the creatures that live on it really are.  Thanks to the non-profit organization BLOOM we can discover some of these amazing creatures who live in the deep dark abysses of our oceans. Bloom is concerned with the protection and conservation of our oceans and their mission is to educate the public on the oceans' current states and the way forward to preserving them. Their most recent and successful accomplishment is The Deep book and exhibition which has stunning photographs of creatures who live in the deep dark waters of our oceans.

Looking at these photographs I feel like a child again, discovering things for the first time. It is amazing the beauty and delicacy of these creatures, far more complex and imaginative than anything we could create. Although some of these creatures make me think of the creatures you see in Ghibli movies. Below are some of my favorites:

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