Friday, December 17, 2010

Pay for a Greener Conscious?

Yesterday I flew from Edinburgh to Athens, Greece to spend the holidays with my family, but increasingly I always feel guilty about flying. Unfortunately, I'm sure like many people, I don't have the financial means to spend twice or sometimes triple the price on train tickets, although I have the strong desire to enjoy the journey just as much as the destination; spending days day-dreaming out of a window, the scenery and languages changing around me. (It is a goal of mine to go to Japan by train).  
I was pleased when I came across the website called My Climate which is a non-profit foundation which helps you offset your carbon emissions by making donations which support projects that directly reduces greenhouse gases and therefore contributes to sustainable developments in the project's region.  You have the choice of off-setting your plane or car travel, home or company emissions or even an event you're organizing.  Their website is also informative; you can click on a world map to view their various projects and you can also calculate the most eco-friendly travel route. 
This could be seen as paying your way to a greener conscious without really making any significant life-style changes, which I think to a certain extent is true. On the other hand it is an option for those of us who have flight-guilt and at least My Climate is trying to help those who are already suffering the consequences of climate change and investing in greener and more sustainable technologies for all.  Of course I do believe that the most meaningful contribution to climate change people can make is making life style changes to benefit the earth, however small. Try to go by train if you can, fly less but stay for longer (I'm looking forward to enjoying three weeks here!).  Well that and companies and governments getting together to make train travel cheaper please!

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