Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Question of Food

I came across these two videos about food and our relationship to food from the excellent website and nonprofit TED.

The first is eleven-year old Birke Baehr talking about what's wrong with our food system (inspiring very much in the same vein as Wyatt Workman). My favorite part was Birke's answer to the debate about organic local food being too expensive; "Would I rather pay the farmer or the hospital? I know which one I would choose". Simple but indisputable.

The second video is by Marcel Dicke on why we don't eat insects and how insects could actually be the most sensible and viable solution to feeding a growing world population without continuing to cause destruction to the environment in order to do so. My favorite bug fact: insects are comparable to food value as any other meats in term of protein, vitamin, minerals, etc.

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