Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Re-posting: Earth Worm Society of Britian

Take part in the UK wide Compost Earthworm Project today!

The Earthworm Society of Britain needs your help: are there earthworms in every compost bin in Britain?

More and more people now have compost bins or heaps in their gardens as they are an excellent way of recycling garden and household green waste. The resulting compost is excellent for potting and a good fertilizer for use in the rest of the garden.

In many of these bins you can find earthworms. But, have you ever wondered how they get there? Some people buy earthworms to put in their bins, others get them from their neighbors and, in some bins the earthworms just appear by themselves. As part of our dedication to carrying out research about earthworms and their environments across the UK we want to know where all these earthworms come from.

You can help! All you have to do is have a look in your compost bin or heap and see if you can find any earthworms enjoying your tea bags and vegetable scraps, then fill in our short survey telling us about what you found. It's that simple.

It's the perfect excuse for getting a little bit dirty this autumn and finding out more about what is wriggling around in your compost!
It is an ongoing survey, so there is no deadline for submissions, so don't worry if your compost bins are currently frozen shut and under two foot of snow just take a look when they thaw out. Of course, compost bins will currently be a very important refuge for earthworms, and many other invertebrates, in these freezing temperatures.

Please pass the details of the survey on to anyone you know who might be interested.

So many of our invertebrates are under-recorded, and this is a fantastic opportunity to help contribute to our knowledge of invertebrates in the UK, and will help us to conserve our wonderful, and very important earthworms.
Find out more about the survey CLICK HERE.

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