Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Re-posting: Stop Climate Chaos Coalition

It continues to snow over Northern Europe and I continue to hear people ask "If it's so cold how can there be climate change?".  Climate change is a global problem not a local one; we all live on one planet and what I do today affects people across the globe tomorrow.

Stop Climate Chaos Coalition have produced this nifty fact-sheet PDF to explain how a snowy winter doesn't disprove climate change.

To view the PDF please CLICK HERE

Read below for my selected highlights from the PDF:
  • A warming climate does not mean that there will be no cold or extreme winters.
  • Weather is not the same as climate for the following reasons: 1) Most importantly, weather is short-term. It can be colder than normal for a few months, but if it’s been warmer than normal, for longer (years, decades), then the temperature is rising. Climate is long-term. So while weather can change quickly, climate changes slowly.  2) Weather is local. It can be colder than normal here, but hotter than normal elsewhere (as was the case during winter 2009-10). Climate change is global: it affects the whole planet. Even though winter (Dec-Feb) 2009-10 was the coldest in the UK for over 30 years, in the Northern hemisphere it was the 5th hottest winter on record. At the same time, it was the hottest summer ever recorded in the Southern hemisphere.
  • A warmer world does not mean that there will be no cold places - in a winter that is usually minus 4oC a warming of 2oC will not stop it being cold enough to snow
So remember think globally, act locally! 

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