Monday, January 17, 2011

A fishy issue

Following on from the last post there has been much marine activity and there is plenty of ways for you to get informed and to get involved, read on!
Channel Four's Big Fish Fight
One of the UK's television channel has launched a new series and campaign to champion sustainable seafood and lobby for sustainable fishing practice. Joining up with the country's top four chefs, there is loads to see and do here.  For more information on the Big Fish Fight, links to the videos, recipes and more please CLICK HERE

Worth a special mention is the Fish Inspiration Guide, which is a very jazzy interactive guide to the lesser know but equally delicious fish on the market. Simply click and you're offered some info and recipes. These don't include the big three; Salmon, Cod and Tuna as the whole purpose of the Big Fish Fight is to highlight the over-fishing plight of these fish and to diversify our plates and appetites. To view the guide please CLICK HERE

Fish Fight by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

Following on from Channel 4's campaign one of the chef has also launched his own parallel campaign to lobby for sustainable fishing.  His website and campaign is also full of frightful and painful facts about the reality of our oceans as well as inspiration and easy ways to make a difference. For more information and to join Fish Fight, please CLICK HERE

Things you can do include (I must admit the majority of these are very centered towards those who live in the UK, but you can always join the campaign to show solidarity!):

1) Lobby your MP to sign the Fish Fight Early Day Motion please CLICK HERE

2) Get involved in the Mackerel Mission and lets revolutionise Britain's favourite take-away! The aim is to put mackerel on the menu in fish and chip shops across the UK and help save our fish.To add your local fish 'n' chip shop to the Mackrel Mission please CLICK HERE

3) To view Hugh's shopping tips to buying more sustainable fish please CLICK HERE

4) Take Hugh's Fish Fight Quiz, to inform, amuse and help you be a more effective fish fighter. To take the quiz please CLICK HERE I tool the quiz and even I came up as 'Could do better', so it just goes to show, huh? 

5) Finally for those who can't access the Channel 4 video links due to copyright laws or whatnot, you can read Hugh's digest of his series in his article in the Guardian newspaper on line. To read his article please CLICK HERE

From the Humane Society International - No Shark Fin Pledge
The only way to enforce shark finning legislation and ensure that no finning has taken place is to require that sharks be landed with their fins still naturally attached.
The European Parliament recently adopted a Parliamentary Resolution calling for the European Commission to deliver a legislative proposal to end the removal of shark fins on-board vessels -- without exception. The Resolution came about after 423 MEPs, more than 50 percent of the Parliament’s Members, signed a Written Declaration showing their support for a fins-attached policy. In the United States, President Barack Obama recently signed the Shark Conservation Act into law. It brings Pacific fisheries into line with Atlantic fisheries by requiring that all sharks be landed with their fins still naturally attached (and will strengthen the Shark Finning Prohibition Act of 2000).
To sign the pledge please CLICK HERE

Update from Greenpeace re: Tuna League Table
While Sainsbury's, Marks & Spencer and Waitrose come out on top, Princes has performed abysmally. It uses one of the worst fishing methods around - huge purse seine nets coupled with fish aggregating devices (or Fads) which don't just lure in tuna, but sharks, turtles and other fish as well. 

But before it was even published, our tuna league table has produced results. Tesco got wind it had come last and made a rapid u-turn from its previous statements. It announced that, by the end of 2012, it aims to get 100 per cent of Tesco tinned tuna caught by pole and line, the most sustainable tuna fishing method.Of course, Tesco needs to make good on this promise but it was enough to move it from the bottom of the league table, leaving Princes with the wooden fish knife.
Please email Mike Easterbrook, director of Princes, demanding that his company use more sustainable fishing methods like pole and line.
To take action and email Director Mike Easterbrook at Princes please CLICK HERE

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