Thursday, January 13, 2011

Re-posting: Greenpeace

Tuna League Table 2011

Find out which canned tuna you should eat and which one you should steer clear of:
Fishing practices used by the global tinned tuna industry are responsible for the death of marine animals including sharks and rays, and even rare and endangered sea turtles. Tuna stocks are also in trouble because of overfishing and widespread fishing methods that catch juvenile tuna.

With the UK being the second largest consumer of tinned tuna in the world, Britons have a lot of influence over the fish industry and we can put pressure on them to change. We surveyed major tinned tuna brands and retailers to see how their fishing practices stacked up. All have taken steps to improve their environmental performance in the last two years, but there's still a huge difference between the best and worst.

The only way to protect our marine environment and stocks of fish like tuna is to change the way we manage the oceans. We need to reduce fishing to sustainable levels, abandon destructive fishing practices and set aside large areas as marine reserves – national parks at sea – where no fishing takes place and stocks are allowed to recover.
 To see the league table please CLICK HERE

Greenpeace have also produced a free fish guide to help you make informed decisions so you can continue to eat fish responsibly. To get your free copy please CLICK HERE

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