Monday, February 07, 2011

Eco-friendly but still looking good.

I recently met this wonderful lady who offers an amazing service which I wouldn't mind partaking of (everyone please remember vouchers are acceptable for my birthday in July).

Veronica Burke lives in the beautiful Scottish Borders and is a personal stylist/image consultant but with a realistic approach to sustainable and ethical style. She helps people look and feel good as well as advising them on buying ethically produced, organic and fair trade.

Here's how she describes herself in her own words:
If you have a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear, or if you want to feel more confident and better about yourself, I will help you to understand your natural colouring and the most flattering shades to wear; your body shape and how to dress it; and imaginative ways to make your look current and fresh.

If you worry that your whole wardrobe ‘is just wrong’, don’t. A few items may have to go. The rest just aren’t working hard enough for you and I can help with that.

I don’t support the wasteful consumption of cheap fashion and where there is a better option such as re-making, re-using, swapping or swishing, I’ll go for it. I may be able to suggest organic fabrics and clothes from ethical companies that you haven’t thought of. And it’s so satisfying to find all those items in your wardrobe that can be re-mixed to make great outfits. I can’t wait...
Hmmm neither can I! I'm glad there are people like Veronica who understand and appreciate that our current production and consumer habits are unsustainable but this doesn't mean we have to revert back to wearing burlap sacs.  Its a common misconception I come across often when people discover I'm an eco-warrior; they tell me 'but you don't look like one?!'.  I never realized you had to dress a certain way to save the planet. In the end as long as the sentiment is there does it matter what you wear?

For more information and to visit Veronica's site please CLICK HERE

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