Sunday, February 06, 2011

Re-posting: Save our Forests

This week MPs had their first chance to vote on forest sell-off plans - so we took our Save Our Forests campaign to parliament. Nearly 100,000 of us emailed and phoned our MPs. We ran full-page newspaper adverts publicising the number of names on the petition. Every single MP felt the heat. 
It's starting to work! We pushed six government MPs to rebel and vote for a rethink. MPs from all parties stood up to talk about problems with the sell-off. Even David Cameron has started making vague hints that he might be willing to back down. Now its time to get back in touch - let them know we noticed how they voted, say thank you, but also keep the pressure up!
Every single MP heard from hundreds of us this week. But a lot of them will be hoping the fuss will now die down. We need to get back in touch quickly, to prove we are here for the long haul. MPs need to feel we will keep watching them until our woods are protected for future generations.
The next time MPs vote on selling off our woodland, it could be a make-or-break vote to pave the way for privatisation. We need to keep the spotlight on every MP. They need to keep hearing from us by email, on the phone, and face-to-face. Together we can make them realise that if they vote to sell our forests, local voters won't forgive them.
Together, we're showing politicians that they can't get away with pushing through policies that nobody voted for and hardly anyone supports. We're standing up for the principle that some things are so precious that no government should be allowed to sell them off. If we keep going, we can save our forests and stand up for our right to be heard.
CLICK HERE to thank them for voting to save our forests
If your MP has replied to you, don't forget to share what they said HERE

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