Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tip of the Week from Tinker Tailor

As part of my mission to expand and improve Me Eco You Eco, I've decided to 'launch' Tip of the Week (with possibilities of Tip of the Day soon!) which I will source from various excellent books, websites, eco-journalist, friends, basically everyone and anyone!

For our first ever Tip of the Week comes from Rosie, creator of Tinker Tailor.   Following on from Remade in Edinburgh project, Tinker Tailor, based in Leith, Edinburgh is a similar project. Its a mending service with skilled craftspeople who not only help you mend broken things but teach you as well. It happens every Saturday 10am - 2 pm and its FREE

For more information on Tinker Tailor please CLICK HERE

So here is Rosie's Tip of the Week: 
In your toilet (or bathroom) place the soap behind or on the cold tap side. Subconsciously this will make people use the cold tap as opposed to the hot tap therefore saving not only energy in heating the water for short bursts of time, but also water as people will be more likely to finish up quicker with colder water.

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