Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Re-posting: Greenpeace

I've got some amazing news - Princes has (finally) got the message that bycatch is killing the oceans and has announced that it will clean up its tinned tuna.

This is all thanks to your support, and your help has made Princes commit to ending the use of indiscriminate fishing methods which hoover up entire aquariums of marine creatures. Result!

And we've just heard that Asda has made the same commitment.
Princes has pledged that by the end of 2014 all their tinned tuna will be caught by either pole and line or Fad-free purse seine nets. It's these Fads - or fish aggregating devices - which lead to unacceptable levels of bycatch of other marine species.

So what next? Despite having made significant progress since it came bottom of our 2008 league table, John West have once again become John Worst. The rapid shifts in the rest of the tuna industry mean it's now trailing well behind.

That just leaves John West and Morrisons still relying on fishing methods which kill sharks, rays, other fish or even turtles.  John West is now the worst tinned tuna brand in the UK.

Email John West and tell them to stop killing sharks.

We're on a roll, so let's change their tuna too, starting with John West - email John West now and tell them to clean up their fishing methods.
For more information and to send the email please CLICK HERE

Of course, Morrisons also still sells tuna caught with Fads, but let's start with John West - we'll get Morrisons soon enough.

Thank you,

Jamie Woolley

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