Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Tip of the Week

Has it been a week already!?

This week's tip comes from the Observer Magazine and is one I've hung onto for a while; if you're like me, a child from the 80s you'll remember the extreme joy and wonderment when you got your first games console. Therefore this week's tip is for all us gamers out there!

More than a quarter of the country’s total energy consumption occurs in the home. To power down start with games consoles (some of which use 5 times the power of a mid-sized fridge!). Many have their power-save setting turned off before shipping. Turn it back on and switch off at the wall when it is not is use.
I'm pretty old school and have always been part of the Nintendo camp and I do have a Wii in my possession, but I do make sure it is never on stand-by, turned off at the wall when not in use and that it uses rechargeable batteries at all time as those consoles can eat their way through batteries like ants at a picnic.

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