Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Edinburgh Garden Partners - Tip of the Week!

Remember a while back I was dead excited about having finally obtained a garden to make my own through the great charity Edinburgh Garden Share (you can read the entry and see a picture of the garden here). Well since then there have been some developments, not only in the garden itself (pictures to follow soon) but with the charity itself.

They have since separated from Care and Repair Edinburgh Ltd to form as a new charity now renamed Edinburgh Garden Partners (EGP). You can view their new website by CLICKING HERE. They are currently searching for funding sources and are run by an amazing set of volunteers so any donations are very welcome.

The other good news is that for the month of April the supermarket Waitross located in Morningside has nominated EGP as one of their Community Charities of the month. Therefore my tip of the week and another way to support EGP is to shop there this month, get a green token and place it in EGP's box and of course let all your friends know and spread the word about this great charity!

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