Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day (continued)

Have you enjoyed your Earth Day?

For a bit of fun why not confess your sins against the Earth and swear off your evil eco ways forever with the help of Grist's Confessional Booth. Humorous and you get a chance to read other people's real confessions (including my own!).

I know in the previous post I said on Earth Day I don't like to bombard people with tips, but these from The Story of Stuff are practical, motivational and most importantly lists some new ones I didn't know about.  Below are some that struck a chord with me, but read the full list at this link: 10 Little and Big Things You Can Do.

The more we visibly engage in re-use over wasting, the more we cultivate a new cultural norm, or actually, reclaim an old one!

Make Your Voice Heard.  Write letters to the editor, submit articles to local press, comment on stories online…you get the point. As individuals, we can influence the media to better represent the issues we care about. Letters to the editor are a great way to help newspaper readers make connections they might not make without your help. Also local papers are often willing to print book and film reviews, interviews and articles by community members. Let’s get the issues we care about in the news.

Change your lightbulbs…and then, change your paradigm. A paradigm is a collection of assumptions, concepts, beliefs, and values that together make up a community’s way of viewing reality. Our current paradigm dictates that more stuff is better, that infinite economic growth is desirable and possible, and that pollution is the price of progress. To really turn things around, we need to nurture a different paradigm based on the values of sustainability, justice, health, and community.
And finally to join into the global fun the Earth Day Network have created a banner for facebook users that they hope people will use as their profile pictures and show their solidarity. Join in by CLICKING HERE.

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