Wednesday, April 20, 2011

i Matter March - join the revolution

Another date to add to the global calendar, the iMatter March which will take place globally through May 7-14th 2011.

iMatter is a new revolution started and led by Alec Loorz, 16 year old, climate change activist, who is mobilising the younger generation to fight for their future and fight against climate change. In their own words iMatter is about:
Since we will inherit this world, iMatter was created to reach across regional, ideological, and ethnic borders, to empower youth to organize, and be heard on the issue of global climate change. We are not only the generation who will suffer most from its consequences. We are also the generation who will bring about the change needed to create a sustainable and just society that values nature and future generations as much as short term interests.
Please CLICK HERE to view their amazingly designed and motivational website and to find out where your nearest march is and how you can get invovled as it is a cross generational movement.  The website is full of helpful resources and downloads to organise your own march (even with just a week to spare!) and also has a very orginally and unique take on explaining climate change by reclaiming the popular culture of Apple's 'i' branding. For example below some of my favorites:

Impressively the organization is also taking the American government to court through their sister organization called Kids vs The Government. They argue that "No individual or corporation has the right to put as much carbon into the atmosphere as they want".  They would like to see the American government commit to a 6% reducing in CO2 emissions every year and a commitment to reforestation especially in the tropics. They make the excellent observation that currently politicians choose to ignore the severity and urgency of the problem, preferring instead to focus on pleasing huge corporations. If ignored or delayed emissions would have to be cut by 10% or even 20% per year, thus making the solution seem insurmountable when "It's actually possible to stop the worst effects from happening if we transition to clean energy now".

I couldn't have said it better myself, hence the direst quotes.

For those in the UK there is a march in London on May 8th (11:30 am) marching from City Hall to Covent Garden. For more information please CLICK HERE.

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