Monday, April 18, 2011

Put it in your diary!

There are a few key events coming up in the green calendar; a chance to participate, make a difference and most importantly have fun!

Earth Day - April 22nd 2011
This year is the 41st Earth Day and historically not only marks the beginning of the modern environmental movement but is always a chance to remind ourselves and celebrate the beauty and fragility of this unique place we call home. The Earth Day Network is the official website and network for Earth Day and this year they have themed it A Billion Acts of Green (remind you of someone?). So get involved and show your commitment and pledge your green act and attend a local event or create one yourself! Last time I checked they were at 96,489,161, let's help reach the target of a billion!

For more information on Earth Day and how to participate globally and locally CLICK HERE.

Scottish Elections -May 5th 2011
To all those living in Scotland, whether you decide to vote or not, whether you think politics works or simply gets in the way, at least make sure that potential candidates are listening to what we're saying, what we want. Lobby them and question them about their green and environmental stances and pledges - ask them the uncomfortable questions and let's make sure we keep the pressure on and ensure green issues remain high on candidates' agendas.  If you need a bit of ammunition remind them that Scotland is one of first and few countries to have a zero waste plan and therefore a commitment to delivering this or why not show them this excellent video from the Royal Society Edinburgh to remind them how versatile and sustainable in energy Scotland really is:

Green Office Week 9th-13th May 2011
Now in its third year running, Green Office Week is a great interactive way to bring green ideas and actions into the work place. Even though I don't work in an office anymore, I think it is paramount that offices should join the green ban wagon. The week is broken down into daily themes, each tackling an aspect of climate change, culminating in success sharing and celebrations on Friday to motivate people towards future green acts.

For more information please CLICK HERE.

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