Friday, April 29, 2011


Dear friends,

The scientists have told us why we must change--and every record flood and heat wave adds to their message. The engineers have told us how we can change, as they’ve quickly turned windmills and solar panels from promising experiments into tested technology. The only thing now preventing change is the hold of the financially powerful status quo--all those coal and oil barons, and their friends in high government places, keeping us stuck in the polluting mud of inaction.

This year is going to be about movement in every sense of the word. Not just the big shoulder-to-shoulder campaign we’ve built together across the world these last two years, but also actual, powerful, fun dramatic movement in the streets -- putting into action our demand for a future free from fossil fuels and dangerous climate change.
Circle September 24, 2011 on your calendar--that’s the day for what we’re calling Moving Planet: a day to move beyond fossil fuels.
On September 24, 2011 we’ll be figuring out the most meaningful ways to make the climate message move, literally. We'll show that we can use our hands, our feet, and our hearts to spur real change. In many places, people will ride bicycles, one of the few tools used by both affluent and poor people around the world.

We won't just be cycling or marching this September--we'll also be delivering a strong set of demands that can have real political impact. They’ll differ from one country to the next, of course, but to make this political impact we need to start building momentum now. We'll build this momentum together over the next five months, with hard-hitting online campaigns, focused grassroots organizing at the local level, and climate leadership workshops around the world.


Bill McKibben

To find out more about Moving Planet, or to find and event or start one please CLICK HERE

For all those in Edinburgh

On September 24, 2011 (from 12pm - 5pm) we'll be marching and/or cycling to demand a sustainable energy future. The plan is to march from the proposed site for the Leith Biomass Planet to the politicians in Holyrood.

Scotland has a Climate Change Act (allegedly the highest targets in the world), it's time for the Scottish politicians to put their money where their mouth is!

For more information and to join the Edinburgh Event please CLICK HERE.

And remember don't keep it to yourself, pass the message on!

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