Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Re-posting: Butterfly Conservation

Planting for Butterflies Campaign Launch
Have you noticed a drop in the number of butterflies in your garden?

Sir David Attenborough has. He says “Butterfly numbers are falling. Our scientists have demonstrated that these declines can be reversed. If you change the environment to help butterflies, all sorts of other wildlife benefits too. Nature comes back to life.”

Butterfly numbers in the UK have been declining for decades and in recent years this trend has been accelerating. Data collected by Butterfly Conservation volunteers show several once common species have declined dramatically over the last decade. Numbers of Small Tortoiseshell have declined by 68 per cent and the Peacock by 30 per cent during the 2000s.

Planting for Butterflies is a way to reverse these declines. By planting nectar plants, you could help make a difference and encourage butterflies back into your garden.

The top five nectar plants that we are urging people to plant are:
Verbena bonariensis
Perennial Wallflower (Bowles Mauve),
Marjoram (Oregano).

These plants should all be in full bloom by July to coincide with this summer’s Big Butterfly Count (16-31 July).
We are hoping this will persuade tens of thousands of people to participate in the event which it hopes will be the world’s biggest-ever butterfly count.
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  1. Great Post :D
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  2. Yes, your film is most appropriate, different medium but same message :)