Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tip of the Week

Let's go hunting!

Ah, fooled you, not that type, but the one that will help the conservation of a declining and rare insect, the oil beetle.  A national survey has been launched in the UK by Buglife, the National Trust, Oxford Museum of Natural History and Natural England to find out where these species live and to protect those areas.  Originally there were eight native species of oil beetles and now only four remain.  The National Trust is helping with the survey by erecting signs on its land encouraging people to look down to spot the insects (and avoid squashing them) and you can participate in the survey by sending your citing details and photos to Buglife.

To find out more information and to take part please CLICK HERE

To help you even more, here is a handy video by Vice-President Nick Baker about the oil beetle and where you'd most likely find them.

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