Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Re-posting: Calling all Edinburghians!

For everyone living in Edinburgh - have your say in the Council's Sustainable Edinburgh 2020 Survey. 
Sustainable Edinburgh 2020 sets out the Council's vision for the sustainable development of the City to 2020. It details a framework for action which will be embedded into all Council policies, programmes and services, but recognises that for the city to develop sustainably, a wider range of actions involving all individuals, organisations and sectors of the city working together is required.

The Council would like to develop a plan for realising this vision, involving key actions for the Council as well as actions involving other organisations, businesses and the wider community.

We would like your views, ideas and suggestions as to how we can achieve a Sustainable Edinburgh by 2020 in order to;
  • Agree key actions for the sustainable development of the city;
  • Identify resources for these actions;
  • Develop effective mechanisms for delivery, monitoring and evaluation; and
  • Establish the best channels for ongoing engagement on this issue.
To read and download the Council's vision and to answer the survey please CLICK HERE.

(The survey can be found on the right-hand side in a green box.)  

And remember to spread the word, questionnaire is open until September 16th 2011

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