Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Re-posting: Greenpeace

Hello friends,

Thanks to your help pressuring tuna companies, sharks, dolphins, turtles and other marine wildlife will be protected from the worst fishing methods used to catch tuna for all but one of the brands of tuna on UK shelves.

Unfortunately the destruction of wildlife and our natural world comes in many forms. Some, like bycatch, are more obvious. Others are far removed from the environments they destroy.

Our most recent investigation into the industries destroying rainforest habitat revealed that paper industries are a major threat to Indonesia's rainforests which are rich in wildlife and vital for keeping our climate on an even keel. Rainforests are torn down and turned into paper products, while the empty land is converted into pulpwood plantations.

Barbie is one of the products wrapped in packaging made from Indonesia's rainforests - she might as well be holding a chainsaw. Tell Mattel, the makers of Barbie, to stop destroying rainforests for toy packaging.

You have already helped us transform the tuna industry in the UK, now we need your help to protect these rainforests and wildlife including endangered orang-utans and Sumatran tigers.

Our research found incriminating links between Mattel and one of the worst companies responsible for deforestation, Asia Pulp and Paper (APP), part of the Sinar Mas group. APP's pulpwood suppliers are clearing huge tracts of irreplaceable forest which are vital for tiger conservation, while Mattel is using paper made by APP in toy boxes.

And in forensic testing, fibre which can only have come from Indonesia's rainforests has been found in Barbie's packaging.

Email Mattel now and demand that it stops playing around with deforestation.

Thanks for your help protecting Indonesia's vital rainforests.

Jamie Woolley

PS. Don't worry, John West isn't off the hook. We'll be back with new plans to move the only UK tuna brand that is still using FADs and nets to catch tuna away from this destructive fishing method.
 To get involved and email Mattel please CLICK HERE

This campaign also has some witty marketing genius behind it as they are pitching the idea that Ken is dumping Barbie for being into deforestation, I love the way Greenpeace are fighting fire with fire - let's give the advertising giants a taste of their own medicine - check out the video below:

To read the Los Angeles Times article please CLICK HERE.

To read the Grist article please CLICK HERE.

And if we needed a reminder as to why we bother doing all this, here are some of the victims facing extinction (pictures all from Save the Orangutan please CLICK HERE for more info).  I love these guys... also please CLICK HERE to view amazing slideshow from the Indonesian Rainforest; the pictures are breathtaking and we're at risk of losing it all over some plastic dolls.

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