Tuesday, June 28, 2011

So jealous!

Austin, Texas will be home to the first supermarket specializing not only in local and organic ingredients but becoming the USA's first package-free, zero waste grocery store. 

They're called in.gredients and how lucky are you Texans and how jealous am I!

To find out more about in.gredients please CLICK HERE to visit their website, read about their ethos, invest in this amazing idea and learn about their products.  Below is a niffy video about what makes them so special.

The reason I am so excited by this is that package-free shopping is what use to be done back when each town, village, and even urban neighborhood had their own market where you came and bought things which were locally grown, organic and in season, as they were, not wrapped. In Greece these markets still exist, even in the capital city of Athens and I believe France still has its market towns, but in the United Kingdom, this have become something of a rarity and whilst farmers markets do exist, they are rare and extortionately expensive.

Package-free is not only the ecological way to shop, but simply the logical way to shop and I get really mad when companies like Kenco Coffee makes adverts like the one shown below which not only insult the consumer's intelligence by insinuating that we are incapable of making a logical decision as to which container would be suitable to use, but more importantly by pretending that package-free is impossible, impractical and therefore unsuitable, when it is possible, very practical and should be done. 

I find it especially practical when I need a small amount of an ingredient for a receipt and am forced to buy a huge packet which I then struggle to use and then feel enormous amounts of guilt when it eventually goes off and has to be chucked out. 

In Edinburgh the closest we have to package-free is the good people at Real Foods. They're grains, pulses and cereals can be bought package-free and place into a container of your choice. Also the New Leaf does refills of cleaning products and toiletries such as shampoo, therefore reducing packaging to only having to buy it once. These two shops are in my neighborhood and therefore there could well be more options around the city. If you know of them, please spread the love so we can all partake!

Also remember you can always write to your supermarkets and MPs to protest and complain about the amount of packaging being used and waste being generated. You, as a consumer, have a very strong voice, don't be afraid to use it!

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