Sunday, June 26, 2011

Update: Greenpeace, Mattel and Barbie

Following on from Greenpeace's recent campaign against toy-makers Mattel and Barbie, the problem is still there and therefore the pressure is still on (read the previous blog post by CLICKING HERE). Here's an update from Greenpeace UK:
Your email to the CEO, highlighting Barbie's dirty deforestation habit, has shown that toying with Indonesia's rainforests is not playing fair. To date, over 200,000 people have emailed Mattel and our video interview with Ken has been viewed over 1 million times. That's absolutely incredible, so thank you!

And since we launched the campaign, Mattel has announced that it is developing a deforestation policy. This is encouraging, but we have no idea what this policy will say. Until we know how serious Mattel is about ending its role in deforestation, the campaign continues.

Now, stickers have been appearing on Barbie boxes in toy shops all over the world, telling shoppers that her packaging has been made at the expense of Indonesia's rainforests. Wouldn't it be great if online shoppers knew about this too?

Thank goodness for Amazon – the customer reviews will do just the job! So please write a review on one of Amazon's top selling Barbie products to explain how barbaric Barbie really is.

Log in with your Amazon account, then post a polite review explaining how Mattel relies on Indonesia's rainforests for its packaging and how this is putting endangered orang-utans and tigers at risk. If you see similar reviews, where Amazon asks you if the review was helpful you can vote them up by clicking 'yes'.

So keep up the pressure on Mattel by adding your own Barbie review.
Remember, if you haven't done so already you can still email the CEO of Mattel by CLICKING HERE as well as view the excellent aforementioned video with Ken. 

Why not also participate in Greenpeace's Barbie Hunt? Sounds mysterious I know! Find out more by CLICKING HERE

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