Saturday, June 18, 2011

Weird and Wonderful

This is my new favorite thing.

Think you knew everything there was to know about the very distinguished and elegant actress Isabella Rossellini? Well...did you know she created some ingenious little shorts about the more obscure and bizarre matting and courtship rituals of the natural world, titillatingly entitled Green Porno and Seduce MeNot only are they exquisitely crafted (such colour harmony), humorous and award-winning but they are also informative and based on true scientific fact. 

The also extra special as some of the episodes of  Green Porno, raise awareness about the environmental and destructive disaster we call marine fishing (poor shrimp, poor anchovy and especially poor squid). I think they are one of the best informative and thought-provoking clips I have watched, which makes Isabella an eco-hero in my book.

You can view the complete series of Green Porno and Seduce Me, as well as behind-the-scenes on the Sundance Channel by CLICKING HERE. You can also create your own Green Porno name (mine's Leona Leafhopper) and take the quiz (I'm the obsessively clean dragonfly). There is also a Green Porno book available, for more information, to read the blog or to purchase the book CLICK HERE.

Below is one of my favorites (so hard to choose!).

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