Saturday, July 23, 2011

Welcome to Wizlow's World

My brother writes and illustrates children's books, which are not only adorable but are also very environmentally conscious and teach children through colour and fascination how to care and love their planet which is a beautiful place both on the pages and outside around them. He's my eco hero.

He has written numerous series addressing different socio and environmental issues in an inventive and imaginative way. His first story and always my favorite is 'The Moon that was Afraid of the Dark' (I won't spoil the end!). Or how about teaching children about water pollution and droughts with a little blue lion who teaches the clouds how to cry (see images below in the video!).  And there's many more to come!

Below is a wee taster video to get your imaginations running. You can also visit the website to read and buy 'The Travelling Tree' and find out about all the other characters that make up Wizlow's World.  For our family, they've all become extensions to our own family, each with their own unique personalities, I hope they also become part of your family as well.

To visit the website and find out more please CLICK HERE.
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