Thursday, August 04, 2011

I'm in the news!

Okay, maybe exaggerated a tad, but it is an article written by my very good friend Sarah Stewart who offers her services as a professional writer/copywriter (website under construction at the mo). Last time I was eco-famous was when my Landfill prize nomination reached second place (read the blog post about it by CLICKING HERE).

So back to the ace article, where I am mentioned by name (a'hem!) is about Carbon Conversations, which I have participated in and am soon to become a facilitator of. (To read the previous blog posts about Carbon Conversations please click here, here and here). In a nutshell Carbon Conversations is a series of six sessions where ordinary people become confident talking about climate change and environmental issues and thanks to the knowledge and support provided reduce their individual carbon footprint.

But my words are clumsy, best read the article by CLICKING HERE.(and see if you can find me!)

If you are interested in participating in a Carbon Conversation, Transition Edinburgh South are currently running a new cohort of them so for more information please CLICK HERE. And as always remember to spread the word and let someone you think might be interested know!

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