Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Look what I just found!

I am so excited about this and wish I had found this sooner!

I've just come across Easy Fundraising.org.uk which is a website which provides a free service where you can shop with your favourite on-line stores and at no extra cost to you, raise funds for any charity, good cause or group you choose to support. You still shop directly with each retailer as you normally would, but simply by using the links from the site first, each purchase you make will generate a cash-back donation to the cause you wish to support.  So for example if you spend £25 at store, 2.5% will be donated to a charity and you will have raised £0.63 at no extra cost to you purchase. 

I know what you're thinking, 'Great idea, but how much will I use it as there's probably only very few shops I like on there anyway' - wrong! There are over 2,000 shops including the likes of:  Ebay, Air France, KLM, Amazon, Marks and Spenser, American Express, Tesco, hotels, airlines, insurance, mobile phones, music, etc etc etc. Seriously, every brand ,however obscure, I could think of that I buy from was there, including the very awesome People Tree who are Fair Trade Fashion pioneers, so another good reason to shop with them. You can also email the website to recommend retailers who should be one there and they'll get in touch to persuade them to join the programme.  Charities include areas like environmental, community, animal welfare, children, elderly and many more.  You can also register and nominate your own charity or good cause and the website does this for free. Now the question is which charity / cause to choose!?

There is of course always the argument that we shouldn't promote or encourage the continuation of the capitalist and consumerist cycle, which in theory is true and where we should be aiming, but theory doesn't always work as quickly as reality, therefore I  think that in the meantime while we wean ourselves off, why don't we encourage and promote shopping that does do some good.

To visit the website and get shopping with a good cause please CLICK HERE

And remember share the information and pass the message on!

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