Sunday, August 14, 2011

One week to go!

August 20th 2011, WWF are joining up with Visit Woods and Progressio to celebrate forests and to ensure their future and ours by inviting you to join them on the Big Forest Picnic.

For those of us in Scotland; Eilburn Woods in Livingston will be hosting their own Big Forest Picnic and activities will include story-telling and a guided walk.

For more information about the Big Forest Picnic or to find an event near you please CLICK HERE.  The Big Forest Picnic is part of WWF's What Wood You Choose campaign, for more information please CLICK HERE.

But the fun doesn't stop there, you can also get involved by voting for your favorite forest story, whether it be the Jungle Book or The Lord of the Rings, you can select from their full list or add your own. To vote (via Facebook) please CLICK HERE

I added the Giving Tree, its got to be the winner, the story itself is so relevant to the nature of this campaign and the tone to the awesome video below (so jealous of the ingenious person who thought up the slogan: "Ensure our forests are a never ending story")

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