Monday, August 15, 2011

Re-posting: Humane Society International and Shark Alliance

Shark finning is a cruel and wasteful practice that involves slicing off a sharkʼs fins and throwing the body -- often while the shark is still alive -- back into the water. 

Finning is not only inhumane; it allows sharks to be caught in unsustainable numbers worldwide. And millions of those sharks are caught by the EU's fishing fleet, boats that catch sharks all around the world, not just in EU waters.

Humane Society International is calling on EU fisheries ministers to strengthen EU legislation to end the brutal practice of finning. Please add your voice -- sign our petition today!
The debate is now at a crucial stage: Shark conservation and animal welfare must be put above the demands of the fishing industry and strong fins-attached legislation must be introduced at the earliest opportunity. Humane Society International, together with colleagues from the Shark Alliance, has launched a petition addressed to EU fisheries ministers, calling on them to protect sharks from overexploitation and the cruel and wasteful practice of shark finning.

Please tell your fisheries minister to take action to end this cruel practice for good.

Thanks for all you do to help animals.


Andrew Rowan
President & CEO
Humane Society International
To sign the petition please CLICK HERE

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