Friday, August 26, 2011

Step by step

Some of you might remember my great excitement back in November when I was finally assigned a garden / allotment to call my own thanks to the wonderful charity Edinburgh Garden Partners. (To read the original blog post please CLICK HERE).

Just to recap this is what the garden looked like:
very overgrown

So have a really done anything I said I would? Answer is...yes but slower than expected. Thanks to and without the help of the generous and great SOS garden organized by EGP, I don't think I would have been any further forward. Following on from that, with the help of my fantastic friend Jenny, we got to weeding and getting the raised bed ready and here is what it looked like around May. 

raspberries and strawberries are in and very happy

Then the Scottish weather decided it wanted to go monsoon this year and the garden turned into this.

battling the weeds

But! We continue to persevere and we will win (actually just waiting for the frost to kill all the weeds in a oner, really!)Also we have such a fantastic view of the city from here that I can't help but wander off and day dream sometimes.

views of Arthur's Seat

But a few things I have learnt so far from my allotment:
1. Be kind to yourself - it is hard work and you're not a trained professional (yet!)
2. Be patient - nature does not work on capitalist / consumer / instant satisfaction time clock so don't beat yourself up if everything isn't ship shape yet because it will come
3. Pulling out weeds is strangely meditative and extremely satisfying - anyone want to come try? 
4. Enjoy the little things: in my garden its the view, the bugs and the frog that lives there and likes to scare me regularly (city girl remember, city girl habits are hard to loose!)

Edinburgh Garden Partners are a great charity matching people who want a garden with those who have a space to share - so please give their site a wee visit and help spread the word about them! For more info please CLICK HERE.
ladybug lovely thanks to Isis!

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