Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Lightbulb Conspirarcy

I soooo wish I could go to this, but am unable to, so I'm telling you about it so you can go.  This is an area I'm particularly very interested in and I believe consumerism is intimately tied up with advertising (my two arch nemesis).  I make no secret of admitting I know very little, but want to know more, hence my frustration at not being able to attend!

This screening is part of a whole programme being run by Take One Action, a charity that believes that the cinematic experience can raise awareness and inspire lasting change.

For a direct link to all the upcoming events, please CLICK HERE.

For more information on Take One Action please CLICK HERE.


  1. Brilliant documentary. If you want to learn more go to sites like:, or

    I also highly recommend "what in the world are they spraying" all about chemtrails!

    What's the vote for your blog thing? :)

  2. Great! Thanks for the tip, I might loose out on the cinema going and communal atmosphere, but don't have to miss out on the documentary itself :)
    The voting thing is from a social networking news website, that rates blogs so thought it would help with exposure. You should add yours on there too and then I can vote for you!

  3. I voted for yours :) did you watch the doc yet?

  4. eek! not yet! must get around to it soon :S