Monday, October 17, 2011

Eco-Art Round up

Its been a while since I've featured some eco-art, so I thought I would do a round up of some of eco-art I've found around the web, past and present.

Jeremy Deller's Bat House Project
Launched in 2007, Deller organized a competition to design a wildlife friendly house for bats, whose numbers are declining and are becoming endangered. 
For more information please visit RSA Arts and Ecology click here.
For Tree Hugger article please click here.

Dialogue between the body and the soul
an exchange of poems by Melanie Challenger and John Kinsella
In October 2007, the poets John Kinsella and Melanie Challenger were given the opportunity to meet at a reading in New York.  Earlier in the year, Melaine had decided to cancel a flight to New York on environmental grounds, while John had already made th decision that air travel was no longer justifiable. Via emails, they discussed why they could not meet.

To read the poems and for more information please visit RSA Arts and Ecology: click here

[extract from John Kinsella]
The walk between towns is three days
at a fair pace — the legs scissor, arms
counterweight. In the heat
I fashion a hat out of dust
and the brim wavers, mirage
drawn out of stone and scrub.

Short films by artists that address ecological emergencies.
Animate Projects and RSA Arts & Ecology, in partnership with Arts Council England commissioned seven artists to make short films for the internet that explore ecological themes.
For more information please visit RSA Arts and Ecology: click here
To watch the shorts please visit Animate Projects: click here

(My favorite is I’m Sucking on a Tailpipe in Seoul)
In 2010, launched EARTH, the world’s first ever global satellite art project. In over 16 places around the world, the public collaborated with artists to create art so large it could be photographed from space.  The art pieces highlighted a local climate change issue or solution. Using art to spark a global climate movement.

For more information and view more amazing art click here

Insert Here
"Insert Here" is an interactive public art project conceived by Eve Mosher. The project capitalizes on community awareness of place and optimism around climate change solutions. The project invites people to place bold yellow "Insert_Here" arrows in locations in their community where they want to "insert" a climate change solution. For example "Insert bike lane Here" "Insert community garden here", "Insert solar panels Here." By placing these arrows along people's daily migratory paths, individuals and groups can share their proposed solutions with the greater community.
For more information please click here

Lil Peppi
To quote the man himself: "24 hour in one day so there's 24 ways for us to make a change. Do your own research and get your own proof. What's the solution? We're the solution. So stop with the excuses and make a contribution"
For more information please CLICK HERE

Grist journalists Brendan Smith and Joe Uehlein have written an article entitled "Calling All Artists; the Climate Movement Needs You".  Below is a mixture of quotes from this article which I particularly like:
Great upheavals demand great art. And now humanity faces the gravest of threats: climate change. At the same time, much of the arts industry remains oblivious to the climate crisis, let alone its civic duty to act. Humanity faces an existential threat while music and film producers dump billions into projects of little or no social value. Gallery and museum owners continue to view art through the narrow lens of conceptualism, marked by its rejection of craftmanship, aesthetics, and social use. In the face of mounting threats -- ranging from worsening droughts and the northward march of climate-linked diseases to climbing food prices and rising seas -- it's time for the arts industry to do some serious soul-searching about whether it wants to sit this crisis out.
Read the full article by CLICKING HERE.

Wanting more?
View Grist slide show of eco-art by clicking here or read about their Art in a Changing Climate series by clicking here.

Culture works is an organizations dedicated to integrating arts and activism in ways that help unite and inspire people to achieving progressive change. For more information please CLICK HERE

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