Sunday, October 23, 2011

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Hello friends,

We’ve had an astonishing 80 films submitted to our Volkswagen film competition, where we asked filmmakers to make a one-minute ‘subvert’ exposing the real VW.
We need you to help pick a winner – vote now! PLEASE CLICK HERE

Your votes will select a shortlist of 12 films from which our panel of judges will choose the best entry.

It’s now three months since we launched our VW campaign to tell Europe’s biggest car maker to stop opposing critical climate laws. If you haven't yet joined the Rebellion and told VW to turn away from the dark side,
you can do so by CLICKING HERE.

Stopping Volkswagen lobbying against these laws is a crucial part of our oil campaign. To really kick our oil addiction we need to have cleaner cars and that means ambitious laws that set vehicle efficiency targets in stone.

Last week we received our first official response from the head of VW, Martin Wintercorn. It was disappointing to say the least. Despite over 400,000 people calling on Volkswagen to stop opposing these laws, the letter doesn’t say a word about car efficiency targets, trying to palm us off with a pledge to meet once a year to discuss their cars. It would be a laughable response if only the subject wasn’t so serious.

VW is hoping that it can hide behind ACEA – the European association of car manufacturers – to do all its dirty lobbying. But we know that with more votes in ACEA than any other car maker, Volkswagen effectively controls the lobby group and that it’s VW’s bosses that ultimately call the shots.
So we’re going to keep pushing Volkswagen to do the right thing and stop blocking the laws we need to go beyond oil. If we don’t ditch our oil habit, we’ll continue to be implicated in the destruction of the Arctic, the tearing up of the tar sands of Canada and human rights abuses in the Niger Delta.
The story of oil is indeed a dark and complex one - but it ends in our cars. By opposing laws to get us off oil Volkswagen knows it is at the heart of this sinister narrative.

But you can apply pressure to change VW.

Volkswagen spends two billion pounds worldwide every year on advertising itself as progressive, smart and green company. Together we can use these beautiful films to directly challenge that image and expose the real VW – the one showing a dangerous disregard for our planet.
Help spread the truth about Volkswagen by watching, voting and sharing these films

Thank you,

James Sadri
Greenpeace UK

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