Monday, October 24, 2011

Re-posting: RSPB

Help fight cuts in agri-environment

The Scottish Government recently set out its budget for the next few years and, as you may have noticed from our press release, the RSPB are extremely concerned about some of the cuts proposed to the environment budget.  Please click here to take urgent action today.

The Government is proposing to cut funding for crucial agri-environment schemes which compensate farmers in exchange for improving the quality of natural habitats and the abundance of wildlife on their land.  These massive cuts – amounting to more than a third over a period of 5 years – will put Scotland’s biodiversity in jeopardy, and risks our reputation as a country which not only values the health of its natural environment, but also seeks to support farmers and crofters who wish to manage their land sustainably.

Agri-environment schemes are one of the most important mechanisms for protecting and restoring biodiversity - the level of support available to farmers for agri-environment schemes will be a key factor in whether or not we are able to meet the 2020 biodiversity targets to which Scotland, the rest of UK and Europe are committed.   The further cuts to this already small budget are disastrous in the context of what Scotland is signed up to achieving, and run counter to commitments to protect our biodiversity and the wider environment. 

We’ve set up an urgent online action which allows you to email your MSPs (remember to use your personal email address).  Please click here to ask your MSPs to do everything in their power to get these cuts reversed.  And most importantly, please encourage your friends and family to take part too.

Thanks for your help

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