Friday, November 25, 2011

Buy Nothing Day

Tomorrow, Saturday November 26th, is Buy Nothing Day worldwide

The rules are simple; for 24 hours detox from shopping and buy nothing.

Buy Nothing Day (BND) highlights the environmental and ethical consequences of consumerism and challenges the acceptance of consumer culture as the norm. Take this day to think about your consumer choices and conscience.  As consumers, we should question the reasons we buy, the products we buy and who's had to make them and the companies who produce them and their environmental, moral and ethical responsibilities. 
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BND was started by Adbusters in the early 90's in response to Black Friday and has since grown into an international event celebrated all over the world.  United Kingdom: The website is very informative with an excellent FAQ and event listings. To visit the website please CLICK HEREAdbusters: This year they're linking up with the Occupy movement, from their website you can view videos and download free resources to use. To visit Website CLICK HERE.  Why not check out Zenta Claus on Japan's BND website CLICK HERE

Happy NOT Shopping!

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