Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Re-posting: Friends of Fatlips

The time is upon us - official fund-raising for the restoration of Fatlips Castle can begin! Please give what you can to this truly noble cause All proceeds go towards the restoration and is in affiliation with Tweed Forum. I will keep you informed of the progress that is being made once it can be made public. Meanwhile, please, spread the word.

Fatlips has been called an icon of the Borders, resting on its rocky perch watching and protecting the valley below. It is a shame it cannot protect itself from the vandalism it has suffered over the years. I know so many more people love the place from the welcome emails and comments you have left over the years this site has been up and running. Keep them coming in!

Fatlips is such a brilliant place both historically and to the present-day visitor, and it is worthy at least of having a weather-proof roof over it's head to protect it for us and for future generations of Border explorers.
Fatlips Castle needs your support more than ever. 

Please CLICK HERE if you are able to make a donation.
Many thanks for your support through the campaign!

Kind Regards



  1. Hello!
    I was away.. but I´m back!
    I enjoy your new template and posts.
    congrats.. and keep posting =D

  2. Thanks Luciano! Much Appreciated :D