Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Re-posting: Our Solar Future

The Government has ended a couple of weeks of rumours and briefings by publishing their proposals for amending feed in tariffs for solar installations – and the news is grim.

The level of the cuts is brutal. Domestic installations below 4 kW facing cuts of over 50%, and community or school sized ones above 50kW facing their second tariff cut in 6 months. These cuts are far above the cost reductions we have seen, and are bound to cause demand to plummet.

But if brutal cuts were not bad enough, the timing makes them worse. Any generator who has not ensured that their FITs application is received by their chosen electricity supplier before 12th December, or in the case of non-domestic installations receipt by Ofgem of a ROO-FIT application – and many customers have invested in and planned installations that may not make this deadline – will get the new, reduced rates. This is despite the fact that on the 12th December – the cutoff date - Government is supposed to still be consulting, as the “consultation” does not end until almost two weeks later on 23rd December.

We now have just weeks to stop these cuts going ahead and convince Government to work with the industry to cut the costs of subsidy without wrecking the companies and jobs that we have created. We need to let MPs and Ministers know just how serious these cuts are for the industry, and convince them not to throw away all the progress the FIT has delivered in building a solar industry that will help the UK meet its environmental commitments, reduce our reliance on imported fossil fuels, and diversify our energy system so it is not so heavily over-reliant on six big companies.

A group of companies, Trade Associations and NGOs have come together to run a campaign “Cut, Don’t Kill” and we need your help to do it. You are in a better position than anyone to convince your MP how bad this will be for your company. MPs listen and respond to local voters far more than to national bodies. And every one of your customers and staff is a local voter. So please join with us and make the case for cutting – but not killing – the solar industry.


1 CLICK HERE to sign the petition and find out how you can campaign against these cuts.

2 Get to see your MP urgently to demand he or she comes and see your business and meet the people whose jobs Government policy is now putting at risk. There are materials on the website to help you write, and advice on how to make their visit as effective as possible.

3 Contact your local media – let local people know what the effects of these cuts will be on an exciting and growing industry for the future.

4 Contact those in your area who would be supportive – your past customers will be advocates of solar and happy to lobby against these cuts. You may also be working with , or have worked with community groups on projects – tell them that they can help stop these cuts.

5 Get yourself to London on 23rd November to join a mass lobby of Parliament by solar installers.

6 Help fund this campaign – contact info@oursolarfuture.org.uk to contribute

But please – get active.

We have just weeks to save solar from these cuts. Please join in.
For more information about Our Solar Future please CLICK HERE

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