Monday, November 07, 2011

Re-posting: Save BBC Wildlife Fund

Since the BBC Wildlife Fund was established in 2007, it has raised nearly £3 million and supports 87 projects around the world. Many of these involve highly endangered species such as the Sumatran rhino, Siberian tiger and Leatherback turtle – all of which will soon vanish without proper protection. The Fund also supports projects in the UK and on species that struggle to get recognition but desperately need support such as cuckoos, Bechstein's bat, and raft spiders. Emphasis is placed on developing sustainable solutions which link conservation with the participation and improved well-being of local communities. 
5 reasons for saving the BBC Wildlife Fund
  • It is uniquely placed to promote the need for international conservation 
  • It has already successfully addressed threats to key endangered species
  • It was only founded in 2007 and has huge potential
  • It is highly cost effective - savings from its closure will be small
  • Its proposed closure is seen as a great loss by the conservation sector
 Please sign petition to Lord Chris Patten, Chair of BBC Trustees and please help spread the word. To sign petition please CLICK HERE.

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