Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Re-posting: SNH survey

SNH has commissioned Why Research to carry out some research on wildlife management issues in Scotland. SNH now has many, and an increased number, of responsibilities in relation to wildlife management, including new roles on Deer and licensing, providing information on best practice, invasive non-native animals and species introductions. It’s important that SNH provides a service that best meets the needs of its customers.

This survey is about determining understanding and awareness of SNH's roles and views on the services they provide. It is primarily aimed at individuals and organisations with a direct interest or involvement in wildlife management activities. This could include, for example, gamekeepers, farmers, stalkers and recreational shooters and their representative organisations, as well as national conservation bodies and their members.

As well as a survey the work will involve a series of focus groups amongst members of these bodies. The findings will also help SNH test and report to the Scottish Parliament on how successful the merger with the Deer Commission for Scotland in 2010 is judged to have been.

All views and opinions are important to SNH and they would appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to complete the questionnaire and provide your views.

If you would like more information on the merger of the Deer Commission and SNH, please click on this link:
To take the survey please CLICK HERE.

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  1. The Red Deer numbers in Scotland should be reduced by 95%. Deer are naturally forest animals but because the numbers of stags in particular is so artificially high there is no feed for them all.
    If the RSPCA did care about animals they would prosecute the "sporting estates" with neglect due to so many deer dying every winter from starvation & hypothermia.
    German Red Deer are twice the weight of Scottish ones AND live in their natural environment.
    Land in the Scottish Highlands should be taxed & not subsidised. Local communities would be better off if there was a variety of land uses, like in Norway & Switzerland, instead of the current feudal way of life.
    The Island of Rum is supposed to be a nature reserve but there are so many deer that if one shakes it's head it hits the horns of another one & sets off a domino effect over the whole island. Rum would be far better covered with trees, unlike now, & with animals like Lynx, Wolf, Boar, Beaver, etc. re-introduced.