Monday, April 02, 2012

Earth Hour

Hope everyone had a brilliant Earth Hour, I certainly did, managed to pull of a three course candle-lit dinner for nine people. Don't they look happy here?

Also check out the other amazing photos of Earth Hour from Edinburgh and selection from around the world, so encouraging to see so many people and cultures getting involved. Let's keep up the momentum and see what we can do and achieve past Earth Hour. 

For more information about Earth Hour please CLICK HERE.
For more information about WWF Scotland please CLICK HERE (and don't forget to link their facebook page and follow them on twitter).  

Edinburgh Castle Earth Hour 2012 copyright: Maverick Photo Agency

Edinburgh's Forth Rail Bridge Earth Hour 2012 copyright: Kate Chandler

Athens, Greece Earth Hour 2012 copyright: WWF Greece

Jordan Earth Hour 2012 copyright: Mohammad Asfour

 Earth Hour 2012, Mongolia

Royal Albert Hall, London, Earth Hour 2012 copyright: Benjamin Ealovega

Earth Hour 2012, Brazil

Earth Hour 2012 copyright: Earth Hour Sri Lanka

Earth Hour 2012 Sydney

Earth Hour 2012, Dubai

Earth Hour 2012, Paris

Earth Hour 2012, Berlin

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