Friday, April 20, 2012

Re-posting: Greenest Government Ever???

From Stop Climate Chaos Scotland and 38 Degrees. 
Dear friend,

Right now, behind the scenes in Europe, big decisions are being made about climate change. Experts say what’s needed are targets to reduce emissions by 30%. [1] But some European leaders are starting to lose their nerve.
David Cameron has a key role to play. But at just the time we need him to stand strong, he is losing the support of his own top conservative ministers. [2]

Cameron knows that his support for a 30% target is crucial. Without it, other leaders may use his silence as an excuse to drop out of the Europe-wide climate effort.
Let's tell Cameron to stand strong and back 30% climate targets in his key speech on 26th April.

If Europe is allowed to reject tougher targets, it will set back the fight against climate change across the world. Tougher targets will be a big step towards cleaner energy, green jobs, and falling emissions. [3]

There are rumours of a tug of war going on inside government. [4] Conservative ministers will be putting the pressure on behind closed doors - let’s make sure Cameron knows that the public won’t stand by and watch him throw away this opportunity in the fight against climate change.

We know it can work. Last year, thousands of us contacted Cameron to tell him not to water down the UK’s own target - and we won. [5]
Please email David Cameron now by CLICKING HERE

Thanks for being involved,

Becky, Cian, Marie, David, Hannah, James and the 38 Degrees team
[1] Stop Climate Chaos: Why we are campaigning for a 30% cut in EU emission
[2] Top tories try to torpedo green deal - Telegraph April 14th 2012
[3] RSPB: Increasing emissions targets will save billions
[4] Huhne hits out at anti-green senior conservative ministers - Guardian April 15th 2012
[5] Read more about it here

And please CLICK HERE to read recent Guardian article from yesterday;  We need this key commitment to climate action It is crucial that Europe implements a 30% cut in carbon by 2020. And it'll make us globally competitive too

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