Friday, April 20, 2012

Re-posting: WWF

Scottish Local Elections 2012  Take action now!

Think global, act local

The environment and climate change are both global and local issues.

We face huge global challenges to tackle climate change, make efficient use of our resources and protect the natural world around us. A lot of these actions can - and must - be taken in our local communities.

Whether rubbish collection, recycling, provision of green spaces, biodiversity protection, or cycle path construction, we know councillors have a huge say in helping us to live better, more sustainable lives. Local authorities themselves are also big purchasers of food, timber, vehicles and energy, so have enormous potential to lead the way in their own footprint reduction.

We know there are simple things that our elected councillors can do to make changes and help us reduce our footprint on the planet and help live more sustainable lives.

Councillors are up for election on Thursday 3 May 2012 in Edinburgh

We're asking all parties - during these elections - to do their bit for the planet.

Road transport is responsible for a fifth of Scotland's climate emissions, causing major congestion and air pollution.

Here are three things councils can do:

1. Step up support for walking and cycling
2. Support school and workplace travel planning
3. Switch council fleets from petrol and diesel to electric vehicles 

Scotland's homes are responsible for a quarter of our climate emissions. Badly insulated homes are not only unhealthy to live in, but also costly to keep warm.

Here are three things councils can do:

1. Offer council tax rebates for energy efficient properties
2. Support the roll-out of insulation schemes and take up of the forthcoming 'Green Deal'
3. Improve the energy performance of council-owned buildings 

The majority of our waste ends up in landfill. Much of this waste can be avoided if we reduce, reuse and recycle more.

Here are three things your council can do:

1. Meet the target of 50% household waste recycled and composted by 2013
2. Roll out household food waste and collection systems
3. Introduce 'pay as you throw' schemes for residual waste


And while you're at it take a moment to look at the excellent interactive map WWF have created to show a snapshot of how local authorities are performing in key indicators and comparing them to a Scotland average.They also explain how they complied the information, its pretty geeking-awesome. Please CLICK HERE to see.

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