Tuesday, April 10, 2012

To all Edinburghians

If you can spare a few minutes to fill in this survey you would be helping out some people interested in setting up a whole food workers cooperative in Edinburgh (this means that the workers jointly own and democratically manage the business). The idea came about when news of the New Leaf being sold emerged and they are hoping to find a home there possibly.

Before they make a big financial commitment though they are doing some preliminary market research to see exactly what the shop should sell and what services they could offer and they would greatly appreciate some feedback on whether there is demand for a project like this in Edinburgh.

Their overall aim is to supply food which minimises impact on the environment, and is cheap
and healthy. They hope to be able to use any profit to support similar projects and other work for social and environmental justice. They also envision it to be a hub in the community for people with a shared world vision, and potentially set up a cafe and provide space for groups to meet.

If you could spare a couple of minutes to answer the survey, it would be very helpful, to answer the survey please CLICK HERE.

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